Photography and figure skating… Irina Sharova

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Ирина Шарова и фоксы


Let’s continue the subject. This time we will tell about Irina Sharova, a photographer from Moscow. Irina’s photos are some of the best in the world of figure skating. Next to it is Mikhail Sharov in terms of the quality of the photo material. Irina has several beautiful fox terriers, which participate in exhibitions and win!

Below are examples of her photos… In the composition of the collage and without.


ISU JGP Croatia Cup 2019, 5 stage of Russian Cup 2019…

Veronika Zhilina Anna Frolova Anna Frolova Sofia Akatieva Adelia Petrosian Veronika Zhilina Anna Frolova Sofia Akatieva Anna Frolova Lee Hae-in, Daria Usacheva, Anna Frolova Hain Lee, Daria Usacheva, Anna Frolova Anna Frolova Adelia Petrosian Leonid Sviridenko, Arthur Danielian, Vladimir Samoilov Leonid Sviridenko, Arthur Danielian, Vladimir Samoilov Arthur Danielian  Aleksandra Shinkarenko - Vladislav Mikhailov "Floral" girls


Very beautiful photos … Irina knows how to catch stunning, unusual poses. In the last photo, “floral” girls are children who collect flowers, toys from the ice after the skater’s performance…


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