Photography and figure skating … Mikhail Sharov

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Valeria Shulskaya

Mikhail Sharov is also a good photographer, who in quality of work is very similar to Irina Sharova. He also perfectly selects poses for photographs, creating regular masterpieces.


Photos from the Championship of Russia 2020, the Cup of Moscow 2020 and the draw of the Championship of Russia 2020:


Aliona Kostornaia Anna Shcherbakova Elizaveta Nugumanova Ksenia Tsibinova Anna Frolova Valeria Shulskaya Anna Shcherbakova Anna Shcherbakova Vasilisa Kaganovskaia - Valery Angelopol Vasilisa Kaganovskaia - Valery Angelopol Vasilisa Kaganovskaia - Valery Angelopol Sofia Shifrina Sofia Shifrina Milana Sin'dukova Milana Sin'dukova Milana Sin'dukova Anastasia Zinina Sofia Titova  Maria Paramonova Awards. Kamila Valieva, Sofia Akatieva and Daria Usacheva

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