Pets at figureskaters, a selection №1

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Cats at Kimmy Repond
     Let’s look at the Pets of our skaters. Our skaters live dogs, cats and even hamsters…

      Let’s watch…

Anya Shcherbakova owns a dog Boni, there are a few cats, Shayni and a new kitten named Mafia… In the following photo, Bonnie and your new kitty Mafi (Mafia)

Bonie at Anya
Bonnie at Anya
Little cat Mafi


Beautiful cats Kimmy Repond. They’re so fluffy…

 Cats Kimmy
Cats Kimmy


The following collages dog at Sasha Trusova from the group Tutberidze, Tina.

Tina and her mistress
Tina at Sasha


    Stanislava Konstantinova lives with his cat, Roxy. It for her «as child»…

Roxy at Stasya Roxy


Beautiful dog at Romanian figureskater Ana Sofia Beschea.

Dog at Ana Sophia


Beautiful dog Londa Anastasia Tarakanova from team «Snow Leopards»…

Londa at Anastasia Tarakanova


And finally, the most exotic pet in the collection, hamster Putya. Living with the Sonya Shifrina of team «Snow Leopards».



Here are the pets at figureskaters in our today’s selection. Who’s next? Learn later.

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